Receive your esports scholarship

NEWS and Youth Esports of America Announce Partnership to Provide High School Esports Resources and Youth Esports of America (YEA) have partnered to provide tools that connect high school esports players with college programs. This collaboration is...

Introducing is the ultimate recruitment platform for high school students who want to play collegiate esports, receive scholarships, and join the top programs. ERP (Esports...

ABOUT's proprietary platform gathers game statistics and player data to connect high school players with college varsity recruiters

Currently only supporting League of Legends, more titles to be added in the future

Players have the opportunity to be discovered, speak directly to coaches, and receive a scholarship. Coaches can market their program and recruit the best talent by utilizing detailed game and exclusive demographic data.


Why do I get “Access Denied” when clicking a player's profile?
Only coaches can see player's personal details.

I have graduated from High School, can I still register?
Yes, use your High School graduation date when signing up even if it has passed.

How can I talk to coaches?
You can directly message someone by visiting their profile and clicking the “Message” button. This will start a live chat that you can return to anytime.

Do I have to be a certain skill level to join?
No, anyone is welcome.

Can I join if I am not located in North America?
Not yet, but international listings are a planned feature.

What is ERP?
ERP (Esports Recruiting Points) is a ranking system based on in-game data and tournament results. Tournaments that are eligible to distribute points will be posted as they are approved. This will give players an additional opportunity to stand out.

Where are the coach listings?
You must be logged in to see the coach list.