and Youth Esports of America Announce Partnership to Provide High School Esports Resources

420 and Youth Esports of America (YEA) have partnered to provide tools that connect high school esports players with college programs. This collaboration is a large step forward to legitimatize high school esports as a means of talent recruitment and a worthwhile endeavor for aspiring esports athletes.

The partnership streamlines the process of competing in YEA events to receiving college esports scholarships. High school players can now create an account on and then join a YEA event. This enables students to participate in YEA events to earn Esports Recruiting Points (ERP) which boost their recruitment profile on College varsity coaches judge players based on their ERP and can contact them directly on the recruitment platform. As a result, YEA participants have an advantage towards receiving a college esports scholarship and being discovered by college recruiters.

Players can sign up on and


ABOUT ESPORTSRECRUITING.ORG’s proprietary platform gathers game statistics and player data to connect high school players with college varsity recruiters. The platform enables coaches to view players based on Esports Recruiting Points (ERP) which reflect a student’s in-game abilities compared to peers. Players have the opportunity to be discovered, speak directly to coaches, and receive a scholarship. Direct messaging capabilities allow simple communication between players and coaches for the most effective recruitment process.

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Youth Esports of America is a nation wide high school esports organization. The organization allows students to create their own on campus chapter and for students to access opportunities in esport related community service, competitions, and scholarships. Members who are talented esports athletes may also be scouted by collegiate or professional teams through our Semester Series tournament available only to high school students.

Our website is and @YouthEsports on Twitter and Instagram

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